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No one can settle a matter in Armenia with weapons, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at his Facebook livestream on Sunday evening.

“I will not allow anyone to stand up, after our revolution of love and solidarity, and say, ‘I will resolve problems with weapons,’” Pashinyan stressed. “No one shall [any longer] resolve matters with weapons in Armenia; this is clear. No one shall resolve problems in the Republic of Armenia with ‘boundlessness’ [by someone in power], brazenness, weapons. I say this as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, and I want for us all to take this into account. Otherwise, what was this revolution for?”

Also, he urged everyone to forget about this “level” of relations.

“Any such statement will be followed by specific actions of the law enforcement bodies,” Pashinyan added. “Let no one think that we will leave these statements unanswered.”

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