June 01
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The House of Lords of the United Kingdom has approved the Armenia-European Union Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA), the Armenian Embassy in London tweeted.

“House of Lords has just approved the EU-Armenia CEPA, paving the way for the completion of ratification process,” the embassy said.

The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia oversees the border with Azerbaijan. And the house of the person, who crossed the border, is located 300 to 500 meters from the border, NSS Director Artur Vanetsyan told reporters, prior to Thursday’s Cabinet session of the government.

He noted this commenting on the incident that Karen Ghazaryan, a resident of Armenia’s Tavush Province, had recently gotten lost and ended up in Azerbaijan.

“That man has certain health problems,” Vanetsyan stated. “He got lost, and there was an accidental violation of the border.

“Information circulated in the Azerbaijani media doesn’t correspond to reality.”

At Thursday’s Cabinet meeting of the government of Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan reflected also on the incident that occurred in Panik village, in Shirak Province.

“I want to clearly state that it’s an impermissible incident,” he said. “And I consider it a provocation against Armenian-Russian friendly relations, and a provocation against Armenia’s sovereignty.”

Pashinyan added that those guilty shall be found and brought to account.

Divisions from the 102nd Russian Military Base in Gyumri on Tuesday entered Panik village without notifying and without documents, and they conducted military exercises there. Shootings and explosions were heard during these exercises.

The inspections into the case of Yerevan Foundation are reaching completion, Artur Vanetsyan, Director of the National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia, told reporters, prior to Thursday’s Cabinet meeting of the government.

In his words, the respective case volumes were very large.

“At this phase, [Yerevan ex-Mayor and chairman of the Yerevan Foundation Board of Trustees] Taron Margaryan hasn’t been called to the NSS Investigation Department yet,” Vanetsyan said. “But he will be called.”

He added, however, that they had not found any businesses registered under Margaryan’s name.

When asked whether it was possible that Taron Margaryan would be summoned to the NSS but it turns out that he has left Armenia, Artur Vanetsyan responded, “no.”

During First Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan’s talk, in Washington, D.C., with the heads of the Armenia Friendship Group at the US Congress, the American lawmakers stressed that it would be desirable to hold a meeting between Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and US President Donald Trump, reported the Voice of America Armenian Service.

They noted that the best time for this talk would be during the UN Summit in New York, in September.

One Armenian died and another one was injured in a road accident that occurred Wednesday in Georgia. A car had gone off road and rolled into the valley nearby Ananuri village, in Dusheti Municipality of Georgia, at around 1:32pm.

The passenger, Grisha Badalyan—a Russian citizen, who was born in 1949—had died on the spot, while the driver, Grigori Badalyan—a Russian citizen, who was born in 1982—had suffered injuries and was hospitalized. Doctors said the patient was in critical condition.