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There can not be a balance of powers between the Prime Minister and the President, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told reporters on Friday.

His remarks came in response to comment on the reporter’s statement that he wears the "suit" of the super-prime minister "tailored" specifically for Serzh Sargsyan .

The journalist inquired whether Pashinyan feels "comfortable" in this suit, and whether he intended to abandon the suit and share his powers with the president.

At first, the prime minister jokingly asked does the suit fits him, and then asked if the journalist knew who the German president was.

 "Do you know? I congratulate you, as many do not know,” said Nikol Pashinyan, adding that the state can not have two heads of state.

"Armenia can not have two heads of state, like Germany. Today, the parliamentary republic has been approved in Armenia, and therefore the government and the responsibility are entrusted to the government and the prime minister. There can not be a balance of power between the prime minister and the president. The balance should be between the legislative, executive and judicial powers. Although I do not exclude that we will add a few more protocol powers for the institution of the president,” the PM added.

The prime minister recalled the parliamentary system gives more opportunities for a change of government than the presidential one.

“I agree that a balance of power is necessary, and I has already spoken about this as a candidate for prime ministers, but we must understand that this can not happen in a day. If this happens in a day, and the stability of the state management system is not ensured, we will have serious problems,” he said.

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