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YEREVAN. – French and Kazakh citizens were robbed in Armenia.

Police received a report, on July 21 at 8:35pm, informing that people were robbed at the bends near Dilijan town.

French citizen Joaquim A., 30, reported to the police officers who arrived at the scene that, on the same day at around 8pm, he and his friend—Kazakh citizen Arsenny S., 21—were standing at the intersection of Sevan Peninsula, and in order to go to Dilijan, Police told Armenian

Sometime thereafter, a vehicle with Russian license plates, and with three persons inside, had stopped in front of them. Learning that these two foreigners wished to go to Dilijan, these persons had offered to drive them there without charge, and the foreigners accepted. So they put two of their three bags in the trunk of this vehicle and headed to Dilijan.

On the way, however, these foreigners had sensed that the driver was not sober and he was driving the car carelessly, and therefore they had asked to stop the vehicle.   

They got out of the car and wished to get their bags from the trunk. But the three persons inside the vehicle stole these bags and fled with the car.

On July 22 at 1:20pm, however, it was found out that two men had committed this theft by prior agreement. They are detained, the third person is identified too, and this person as well as the stolen items are being searched for.

The car was taken to a police impound lot.

A criminal case has been filed into this incident.

An investigation is underway.

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