February 22
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The United States once again demonstrated disregard to the international legal system, Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Washington’s decision to introduce new sanctions on Moscow following Sergei Skripal case.

According to the statement, no one managed to provide any evidence to this, while the UK refuses to cooperate in the investigation of the incident.

Russian MFA considers the unsubstantiated allegations made to Russia about involvement in what happened in Salisbury as another attempt to present Russia as a state irresponsible in fulfilling its international obligations.

Such a statement looks especially hypocritical considering that the US has no intention to destroy its chemical weapons and remains the only country that participated in the CWC while having a significant stockpile of chemical warfare agents, the statement added.

According to the statement: “The United States once again demonstrated disregard for the international legal system and the desire to use existing multilateral arms control mechanisms to advance its own political agenda.”

Russian MFA called on Washington to abandon its irresponsible line for the further imbalance.

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