February 17
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Three factors affected the escalation of US-Turkish relations: the attempt to organize a coup in Turkey and the US refusal to extradite Ankara the preacher and public figure Fethullah Gulen, the rapprochement of Turkey with Russia, Ankara's intervening in the Syrian conflict Turkologist Karen Hovhannisyan told the Armenian News-

According to him, intervening in Syrian conflict, Turkey crossed the red line, which it should not have done.

"However, they crossed the red line in Syria, conducting certain military actions in the territories controlled by the Russian side, gradually moving to territories that were under US control," Hovhannisyan explained.

At the same time the Turkologist ambiguously confirmed that the Kurdish factor could also  play its negative role in the escalation of US-Turkish relations, as Washington perceived the Kurds as its allies in the region in the fight against ISIS, but Turkey has absolutely different opinion and was traditionally against  Kurds.

Speaking about the rapprochement of Turkey with Russia, Hovhannisyan noted that the purchase of S-400 air defense system by Turkey, in spite of the negative US position on this issue, also significantly influenced the worsening of already not simple relations.

According to Hovhannisyan, Turkey is well aware that if their relations with the US are completely soured, this will greatly damage the security of the Turks and their economy, where the situation is no less complicated and tense.

Summing up, Hovhannisyan stressed that such a development of the situation is in full accord with Armenia's interests, since its role and importance in the region is significantly increasing.

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