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A rally organized by the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to mark 100 days since he is in office has kicked off at Republic Square.

The PM arrived at the square together with the participants of the march that started on Artsakh Avenue.

The Karabakh army detected an infiltration attempt by the Azerbaijan’s intelligence-gathering diversion team.

An armed group of 15 people made an attempt of infiltration towards the positions of the Karabakh Defense Army at around midnight. The attempt was prevented, and the adversary was pushed back to the initial position. The Karabakh side incurred no losses during a shootout. The information whether Azerbaijani side suffered losses is being clarified.

Armenia's second Armenian President Robert Kocharyan announced his return to politics during a lengthy interview to Yerkir Media television.

Speaking about the charges brought against him, Kocharyan said that his defense smashed the accusations put forward by the prosecutors.

Armenia’s second president said he returned to politics because of “inexperience” of the new government, especially pointing to the foreign policy and the Karabakh issue.

“It is clear, that the events in Armenia have affected Karabakh to some extent,” he said. “My concern is that the prime minister says: the whole world should adapt to Armenia, adapt to the new situation in our republic.”

Kocharyan said “Russia is not a country with which one can speak such a language”.

The former president also dismissed speculations about his fortune.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will arrive on an official visit to Armenia on August 24-25.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold high level talks that will be followed by a press conference. Merkel is expected to meet with the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian. She will also visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

Russian border guards in Armenia have apprehended another trespasser who had illegally crossed the Armenian-Turkish border along the Araks River.

The trespasser is a citizen of Guinea born in 1993. He was handed over to Armenian law enforcement agencies. The man claimed he crossed the river when searching for the food.