July 11
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YEREVAN.- The Armenian people won 100 days ago. I was elected as the Prime Minister of Armenia by your decision 100 days ago. I came and told you that you won, but your victory is not that I was elected as the head of the government, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this at a rally in Yerevan on August 17.

"The victory is that you have decided who will be the Prime Minister of Armenia. And after that, it is you who will decide this. 100 days ago your will won, and the international community still does not understand what happened in Armenia, how and why. No analytical center of the world could have imagined that such a national revival could occur in Armenia. Everyone thought that Armenia was finally fell to despair.

There was no precedent in the history of Armenia that a year after the parliamentary elections a person, who had only a few reliable votes in the National Assembly, was elected as a prime minister. That all this would become a reality without shots, violence and casualties.

And now analysts of the world are trying to understand what was the factor, the powerful force that ensured such a development of events.

Someone is looking for these factors in the West, someone - in the North. But now I want to call on the whole world that the exclusive and powerful force that ensured this development process is the Armenian people, proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian diaspora, any Armenian. And I also want to stress that our velvet, non-violent revolution is unique not only in its form, but also in its content.

The Prime Minister of Armenia is the direct representative of the people, their will," Pashinyan said.

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