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YEREVAN.- New revelations, voiced during the joint press conference of the leaders of the National Security Council and the Armenian SIS, were just an attempt to distract the public from what had happened. Armenian second president Robert Kocharian told Yerevan.Today. 

"Our current authorities, answering questions the answers of which are unknown to them, immediately start talking about corruption, regardless of what is happening in the country. This is another nonsense. I personally have never been engaged in business. Members of my family have been engaged in it for 15-16 years, they have never held government posts, they are engaged in business and  have succeeded to some extent. Everything that my family owns, established from the ground up or bought legally. Everything is registered in the state register of Armenia, and there is no secret about it," Kocharyan said.

Kocharyan also commented on the statement of the head of NSS that Kocharyan's family acquired Congress hotel as a result of taking a bribe of 6 million USD.

"The hotel was acquired in 2014-15, when I was not in politics, what kind of bribe can I take? Yesterday they tried to tell the people something to distract their attention. I'm waiting for proof of all what was said.  And the most interesting thing is that the person who made such a statement is up to his ears in business, the head of the National Security Service has a variety of businesses. In his former position, he was in very warm relations with a number of oligarchs. These are well-known facts, "the second president of Armenia said. 

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