February 19
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YEREVAN. – Naira Zohrabyan, who is the first in “Prosperous Armenia” party list of election candidates to the Council of Elders in Yerevan, calls Yerevan citizens to stop any political power from gaining political monopoly.

When meeting with the voters of Friday, Zohrabyan said Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan tries to promote his candidate through his own rating.

“We clearly remember the times of Pan-Armenian National Movement (PANM) when they used to say anything would be fine as long as it’s from PANM, and Republicans said let it be a scallywag if it’s only from RPA (Republican Party of Armenia). Don’t allow a dictatorship of one political power. The revolution did not happen for you to come and force a candidate who has nothing to do with governing Yerevan. He will turn Yerevan into some “Yerevan Production” or another business project,” she emphasized.

“We won’t let people, who know nothing about the governance of Yerevan, take advantage of the revolution euphoria and take over Yerevan. The times of monopoly of one political party are gone. They shouldn’t force people and tell them to go and vote or divide the nation into blacks and whites. We are all the same; no rivalry should be forced between Armenians and no barricades should be built between people of Yerevan. The only barricades should be the problems yet to be solved and we will follow these problems.”

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