February 23
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On the evening of September 15, Azerbaijani armed forces fired shots toward Armenia’s Areni village, from Nakhichevan.

 “The situation is similar to what happened in Tavush [Province]; [but] the shots were less,” spokesperson for the Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan said. In his words, gardens belonging to the villagers are located near the border.

As in Tavush Province, the points from which the adversary fired shots were silenced with actions in response.

On September 15, the Azerbaijani army fired shots toward Koti village of Tavush Province. Village resident Suren Sepkhanyan, 60, was injured in the shootings. He was taken to Noyemberyan town hospital, and he is in good condition.

And prior to that, Azerbaijani armed forces fired shots toward bordering Chinari, Vazashen, Baghanis, and Koti villages of the same province.

The law enforcement agencies of Armenia have conducted a search at the office of Yerevan.Today news website as well as at the house of its chief editor, since Monday morning.

The office of this website informed that the search is conducted on the grounds that, allegedly, the website had publicized the wiretapped recording of the telephonic conversation between the National Security Service director and the Special Investigation Service head two days earlier than the other media outlets.

Armenia’s investigative committee did not disclose the details, but released a statement saying that the searches are conducted at six spots.

About 30 residents of a building were evacuated in an explosion in Hrazdan town on Sunday.

As a result, the interior walls as well as the balcony of this apartment had collapsed, its doors, windows and furniture were damaged, the dividing wall between two other apartments had partly collapsed, and three doors of another apartment were damaged. No one was injured in the blast.

A clock with electric wiring, firecracker explosives, and a car alarm remote control—which were intended for detonation—were found in the apartment.

Passions run high in Yerevan mayoral election after PM Nikol Pashinyan said some political forces that had joined the revolution are in secret talks with the former authorities.  Although Pashinyan named no political force, the statement was followed by aggressive response from the two leading rivals running for the Council of Elders. “Luys” alliance, which is a part of Yelq parliamentary group together with Pashinyan’s party, dismissed the accusations. However, Prosperous Armenia, former coalition partner of the Republican Party of Armenia, was even more aggressive. Naira Zohrabyan, number one in the Prosperous Armenia election list, not only dismissed their connection to former leadership, but hinted at Pashinyan-supported “My Step” bloc’s links to the former ruling party.

The Council of Europe (CoE) Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatović will be in Armenia on trip from September 17 to 21. Issues of women’s rights, gender equality and domestic violence will be at the center of attention during the trip.

Mijatović will visit Armenia for the first time in her current capacity.