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YEREVAN. – After the velvet revolution in the Republic of Armenia (RA), several former officials and criminal “elements” have faced a serious problem—not solely in the country, but also abroad—Zhoghovurd (People) newspaper reported. 

“After the revolution, many [of them] have attempted to leave Armenia, before the [Armenian] law enforcement officers would start dealing with them. Moreover, most of them have securely stayed in the United States of America.

“But according to Zhoghovurd daily, the US embassy in the RA has revoked the US entry visas of persons who have appeared in the center of attention of the RA law enforcement officers.

“Zhoghovurd daily petitioned to the US embassy in the RA for comments, asking to provide the list of those people whose visas have been revoked. The US embassy did not refute our information, but they did not provide the list. ‘According to US law, visa cases are confidential, and we are not authorized to give comments with regard to individual cases,’ [they said,]” Zhoghovurd wrote.

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