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The question is not that I’m seeking power, Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan told Kommersant newspaper of Russia. He noted this when asked whether he has concerns with respect to the prospects for his returning to politics after ten years.

“The question is not that I’m seeking power; I haven’t sought it for ten years. I’ve reached all the possible ‘heights’ of a career,” he noted, in particular. “But the question is not the ambition to hold a specific position, but to clearly realize that what is happening now is simply unacceptable for the country. (…). I just wouldn’t forgive myself if I were to stand aside and be apathetic toward all that is happening now [in Armenia].”

To the query as to whether he wishes to be a “locomotive” that pulls the others, or whether he aims to manage the processes taking place in the country, Kocharyan said any of those options is possible, in principle.

“I’ve shown to the ‘numb’ public that there is no need to be afraid of anything, [that] one’s own viewpoint must be expressed,” he added: “I’ve already achieved something in this sense. Now the climate in Armenia is not like it was two months ago.”

The second President noted that, first and foremost—and ultimately—hard work must be done.

“Some part of the [Armenian] society is in euphoria, whereas ‘numbness’ among the other part, which analyzes, thinks, realizes the consequences of some actions, trends,” Robert Kocharyan said. “Now, that part of the society acts in full ‘voice,’ and believe this will be continuous. In this sense, I believe that my position has had an essential role.”

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