February 24
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YEREVAN. – Responsibility for the March 1, 2018 events in Yerevan lies with those who radicalized the situation to the stage when a conflict broke out, Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan told Russia’s Kommersant.

The second president was asked whether he feels responsibility for those killing gs of 10 people during the March 1 events. However, Kocahryan said responsibility lies with those who provoked mass protests. At the same time he admitted that responsibility is shared between the opposition and the authorities, adding that someone probably could have done something to prevent the conflict.

“In fact I am convinced that the authorities were also responsible, but first of all responsible are those who provoked mass unrest. It was a tragedy of course, and God forbid that this happens again. See what is happening now. Again, the society is divided into black and white,” Kocharyan said.

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