February 17
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I’ve received information from Yerevan, and I’m glad that the elections are held in a good mood, overall, and there is no major incident.

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated the aforesaid during his Facebook livestream from the Paris international airport, and in connection with Sunday’s ongoing snap election for the capital city Yerevan Council of Elders.

“I hope that we truly will have an exemplary voting, exemplary elections,” he added. “Of course, there is such statistics that [voter] activeness has dropped, as compared to last year’s council of elders’ elections, and it is probably explained by [the fact] that there is no [unlawful] transporting of voters on GAZelles [vans], buses in these elections.

“But I hope that (…) in these elections (…) our voters will very actively take part because this election is exclusive by [the fact] that it will be your decision as to what will happen as a result of the elections. And in this sense, it’s a huge intrigue as to what results will be recorded in the elections; and only you know that.”

Also, Pashinyan said he is convinced that the election and the subsequent counting of votes will be conducted in a climate of love and solidarity.

The PM once again called on all Yerevan residents to go to election precincts and vote.

In addition, he informed he soon will head from Paris to New York.

But Nikol Pashinyan will return to Armenia on September 29, since from New York he will travel to the Tajik capital city of Dushanbe.

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