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French President Emmanuel Macron said that he has common features with his American counterpart Donald Trump.

“Probably the fact that both of us are outsiders of the classical politicians,” he said adding “we are very much aligned in the fight against terrorism and we work very closely together following this line,” Macron said in an interview with CNN

According to him, he and Trump know that their positions differ on a number of issues, as trade, climate and multilateralism, but this does not prevent them from working together, as they regularly conduct direct talks.

However, as Macron noted, he very much differs from Trump, who considers himself being nationalist.

"I would say I'm a patriot. I do believe in the fact that our people are very important and having French people is different from German people. I'm not a believer in a sort of globalism without any differentiation. I think it doesn't -- it's very inconsistent, and it's extremely -- it makes our people very nervous. But I'm not a nationalist,” he added.

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