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YEREVAN. – Former ruling Republican Party of Armenia has already announced that it will run in the forthcoming snap parliamentary election to become the second largest political force in the National Assembly (NA), and being the sole real opposition, Iravunk (Right) newspaper reported.

“And as to what ambitions there are at the PAP [the Prosperous Armenia Party], we tried to find out from NA ‘Tsarukyan’ Faction MP Gevorg Petrosyan. In his view, any [political] force runs in elections to come to power.

‘“Any [political] party should be dissolved if it doesn’t have an objective of becoming the [ruling] power. But what is called ‘[ruling] power’ is a broad concept. You can be the full [ruling] power, or be part of the [ruling] power,’” Iravunk wrote.

The snap parliamentary election in Armenia will be conducted on December 9.

And the 12-day election campaign season will kick off on November 26.

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