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YEREVAN. – Today’s [acting] Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has no problem, and he leisurely strolls around the central streets of [capital city] Yerevan, whereas the previous authorities were roaming about with difficulty—even with bodyguards.

Hrachya Hakobyan, a member of the “Way Out” (Yelk) Faction at the National Assembly (NA) and of the ruling Civil Contract Party of Armenia, on Friday told about the aforesaid to reporters in parliament.

Commenting on the accusations that their government members and officials are inexperienced, Hakobyan said: “There has been a change of power in the country. [So,] that discontent will be still [for a] long [time], the ministers will change still [for a] long [time], we will see still many [new] personnel.”

The MP, however, did not agree with the remark that the government will have an absolute majority in the new parliament, and an NA that will be obedient to it.

“The NA will be able to counter the government,” Hakobyan stressed. “Pluralism has always been in our [political] party.

“And if the government were to have problems, they will be resolved.”

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