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YEREVAN. – As per Bright Armenia Party Chairman and MP Edmon Marukyan, the regional representation—or the “rating”—electoral system will have no effect on the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia’s (RPA) chances in the forthcoming snap parliamentary election.

“If the RPA doesn’t give out money, doesn’t apply administrative resources, what will it do now?” Marukyan asked speaking to Armenian “The ‘brand’ of the Republican is basically in a very bad condition, [and] therefore I don’t believe that this ‘rating’ [election system] will have an impact on their chances in any way.”

In the Bright Armenia Party leader’s view, the RPA is not an opposition party.

“I believe the Republican Party just wants to exact revenge, which is impossible,” Edmon Marukyan stressed. “As for [it] being an opposition or not, you don’t be an opposition by words or criticism, but you be [an opposition] by the ‘road’ passed, by being unblemished. [But] I don’t see in them [the RPA] a trend to ‘heal’ the political system [in Armenia].”

Eleven political forces in Armenia will vie for parliamentary seats in the snap voting on December 9.

And the 12-day election campaign season will kick off on November 26.

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