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A 25-year-old man from Armenia was found dead Tuesday on the runway of Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow.

The embassy of Armenia in Moscow had confirmed the information that the person who died under airplane chassi on the airport runway was A. Yepremyan. He had been deported from Spain, and he was flying from Madrid to Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan via Moscow. And judging by everything, he did not wish to return to Armenia.

According to preliminary data, the man went out of the [airport passengers’] bus and started running toward a plane that was about to take off. There was an impression that he was delirious and was attempting to hold on from the chassis [of a plane]. Thus, he probably wanted to leave the airport area, Russian investigators said in a statement.

Armenia’s acting Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan continues his visit to Afghanistan. On Wednesday he arrived at Camp Marmal base and also visited the Armenian peacekeepers who are serving in Afghanistan.

He briefed the Armenian servicemen on the political processes in Armenia and the reforms of the Armed Forces. Tonoyan thanked peacekeepers for their service.

Armenia’s acting PM Nikol Pashinyan said Armenia has recorded a 3% growth in its economic activity index for October after a drop in September.

“In October, we have an 8.1% growth in industry, [and] which took place on the account of production,” Pashinyan said during a meeting with a group of businessmen. “At the same time, [and] unlike September, we have had a 12% growth in exports, in October.”

Earlier today during his visit to Aragatsotn province, Pashinyan also informed about $500mn-worth investment projects – primarily in the production sector— which are at the discussion and implementation phase, and with various statuses.

If the arrangements become reality and those projects are successfully implemented next year, Armenia’s image in economic terms will make a 180-degree turn, he assured.

Armenian police prevented a self-immolation attempt near the building of Russia’s Embassy in Yerevan on Wednesday.

An 81-year-old man, resident of Armenia’s Tavush province, told police he was going to set himself on fire because of difficult social conditions. The man who was detained had a bottle full of gasoline, police said.

Armenia is holding talks with the international investors to build a new nuclear power plant, acting Energy Minister Garegin Baghramyan said.

According to him, specific offers have been received from the Russian, French and Chinese investors.

According to him, the Armenian side will deliver a relevant report during the next meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors scheduled for November 28.