June 26
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YEREVAN. – The court has linked its main arguments to the illness of Manvel Grigoryan. And, in fact, it’s not that it hasn’t seen grounds for custody, but rather the court has seen grounds for custody, but it has found that in the given situation, the bail can replace the custody.

The Prosecutor General of Armenia, Artur Davtyan, on Monday stated about the aforementioned while speaking with the demonstrators outside the attorney general’s office, and who are protesting the court decision on releasing MP and retired General Manvel Grigoryan from custody, on bail.

“[But] we [the Prosecutor General’s Office] find that his illnesses weren’t such that they were incompatible with custody,” he said. “We see those grounds that, by remaining in freedom, the proper conduct required by law will not be ensured; we foresee and substantiate that, and that’s why we are filing an appeal [with the court].”

Also, the attorney general did not rule out that additions could be made to the criminal charges that are brought against Grigoryan.

“The case is very multi-sectional,” Davtyan added. “If sufficient evidence will be obtained in connection with whichever section, the charge will be complemented in that direction.”

Late evening on December 21, the capital city Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction released Manvel Grigoryan from custody on an AMD 25mn (approx. US$51,600) bail.

Grigoryan was arrested on June 19. He is charged with unlawfully keeping weapons and ammunition, and committing large-scale embezzlement. In particular, it is about the embezzlement of the aid that was sent during the days of the four-day war in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), in April 2016.

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