September 28
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The meeting between President of Syria Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Armenians who have settled in Armenia and Armenian businessmen was held in quite a constructive and warm atmosphere. The visiting group from Armenia was led by George Parseghian, chairman of the Syrian Armenian community in Armenia. He presented details from the aforementioned meeting during an interview to ARMENPRESS.

Parseghian said the activeness began after the appointment of new Syrian ambassador in Armenia. The new staff of the Embassy started actively working with the Syrian Armenian community in Armenia. That time a board of the Syrian Armenian community in Armenia was elected, led by George Parseghian.

He noted that Assad’s government managed to overcome the current situation. The US will withdraw its troops from Syria and is already taking practical steps. A number of Arab countries are thinking of opening their embassies in Syria. All these actions suppose restoration of Syria, and for this purpose quite major economic programs are expected to be implemented.

“The Syrian government plans to give priority in these programs to those countries which stood together with it during those years,” Parseghian said. “Armenia is among those countries which didn’t close its embassy during the war, always kept the state ties, and sent aid to Syria. And the priority will be given to Armenians during the upcoming progress, business programs, and restoration works.”

Parseghian added that the Syrian government highly values the role of the Armenian community. He said it is not a coincidence that the Syrian president promised to restore the Armenian church in Deir ez-Zor with his own resources.

The meeting with Assad was also marked by the presentation of a symbolic gift. The model of a monument in Armenia has been handed over to the Syrian leader, and which symbolizes Armenians’ gratitude to the Syrian people for their assistance during the Armenian Genocide. The monument is located on the way to Zvartnots International Airport of Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan and has been constructed by the funds of Diaspora Armenians. The monument depicts the map of Syria, the Armenian eagle, and the pillar of eternity on which 1915 is written.

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