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 Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei said ‘Death to America’ means death to Trump, John Bolton, and Pompeo. It means death to American rulers who are currently these individuals, Mehr News reported.

According to him, the US is the embodiment of evil, then they complain why we chant ‘Death to America’.

“The US regime’s existence has always … depended on encroachment aimed at securing its own interests,” he said, adding the Iranian nation will keep chanting ‘Death to America’ as long as the United States remains evil.

Ayatollah Khamenei urged the officials not to trust the Europeans. "Regarding the issue of nuclear negotiations, I had already mentioned that the US officials are not reliable. Today, the officials, who accepted to negotiate, admit that the Americans are not reliable. These days, there is a discussion concerning the Europeans and their proposals. My advice would be that they should not be trusted, just like the US cannot be trusted," he added.


Leader addressed the American nation to elaborate on the popular revolutionary slogan by their Iranian counterparts and held "first of all, I am telling the Americans, ‘Death to America’ means death to Trump, John Bolton, and Pompeo. It means down with the American politicians in charge, who are currently represented by the aforementioned persons. ‘Death to America’ means death to the few who are running that country. We have no fight to pick with the American people."

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