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YEREVAN. –  A political revolution requires the spirit and willpower of a nation, while an economic revolution requires funding, sources and time limits, but this is lacking in the government’s program. This is what head of the parliamentary faction of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Gagik Tsarukyan told journalists as he touched upon the Armenian government’s program at the National Assembly on 12 February.

Touching upon the issue of investments, Tsarukyan said that it was necessary to make investments in the economy and that there could be no economic development without increase of funds.

“People make investments to see their businesses grow. The government’s program states that investments will lead to 15-20% economic growth, but investments don’t come out nowhere. We’re not going to ask people to make investments. Armenia has to amend laws, create conditions and let the whole world know that the new government of Armenia is presenting plans, granting opportunities and privileges and creating favorable conditions for investors.

If the conditions in Armenia are better and investors can make more profit in Armenia, they will want to come and make investments in the country. As for the government, it will determine which investor is more well-established.”


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