October 01
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YEREVAN. – Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s speech at the National Assembly didn’t change leader of Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Gagik Tsarukyan’s opinion. Tsarukyan still believes that the government’s program is not risky because there are no figures.

“Armenia needs investments in order to see economic growth. Armenia needs 12 billion Armenian drams for each percent of economic growth, meaning the country will need 148 billion Armenian drams to see 12% economic growth. This is more than the funds in the budget. Today, the budget consists of taxes and duties that the government uses to pay pensions and salaries and make payments for the army and social benefits,” Tsarukyan said.

Tsarukyan says what concerns him the most is the fact that the term for the government program is 2019-2023, but the program doesn’t clearly state how much money will be invested and in which sectors will it be invested in 2019.

 “There is no riskiness, no figures and no growth of percentages. The people are unconditionally loyal to Mr. Pashinyan and we are certain that he wants to do good things for the nation, but we need to help him and present the problem. The government keeps saying the economy will grow and military production will grow, but how much money are we going to invest for military production? I invite all economists to discuss this with me,” he said.

Tsarukyan stated that he hadn’t seen anything mentioned about the amount of investments in a particular sector in 2019 and what Armenia will get out of those investments. He also noted that if the government created conditions for investors, they would keep coming to Armenia and Mr. Pashinyan would determine which investor would have the opportunity to make investments in the country.

Gagik Tsarukyan said that the PAP would ask many questions to receive the answers to their questions of concern and decide to vote for or against the government’s program.

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