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YEREVAN. – If a particular function is performed by several government agencies or institutions at once, it is safe to believe that those functions are, in essence, not performed. This is what Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said while presenting the government program at the National Assembly on 12 February.

According to him, this is one of the reasons for dissolution of the Ministry of Diaspora.

Pashinyan clarified the issue by saying that the Ministry of Diaspora was dissolved because, in essence, it was performing functions that other ministries were also performing.

He recalled that the government would establish the position of chief commissioner for Diaspora affairs within the Staff of the Prime Minister instead of the ministry.

“The problem is that even though we talk a lot about the potential of Diaspora Armenians, Armenia still hasn’t clarified the resources that Diaspora Armenians have in different countries and how influential those resources are,” Pashinyan added.

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