June 20
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The two-day summit in Warsaw failed to produce any decisions against Tehran, the spokesperson for Iranian MFA Bahram Qassemi.

According to him, despite US tremendous efforts to hold a comprehensive summit and create a new alliance against Iran, the small number and low level of participation at the conference turned the final summit statement into a useless document that was developed only for the summit’s organizer, pressTV reported.

“How can a conference titled ‘Peace and Security in the Middle East’ succeed when main regional players such as Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine are not in attendance and major countries such as China, Russia and many other European and non-European countries are either absent or” represented in lowest levels,” the spokesperson noted.

According to him, angry comments of the US Secretary of State and Vice President is the best evidence and sign of Washington’s failure and inability to achieve the desired goals at the summit.

It was ironic that the US held so-called peace conferences and caused more tension r around the world by abandoning the nuclear deal and many other international agreements, he noted.

“Despite the many hostile and belligerent policies by America and the Israeli regime, the resistance to create a region that is secure, stable and void of any foreign presence will continue,” he said, adding “the US must stop its pointless vindictive policies and realize the sensitive realities of the region.”

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