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Armenia’s representative to the UN delivered a speech during the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council, which took place in Geneva on February 28.

In response to the speeches of Turkish and Azerbaijani foreign ministers, Armenia’s representative said the statement by Turkish minister was motivated by nothing more than inferiority complex combined by stubborn desire to portrait his country as a regional power.

Today’s Turkey is far from being a country ruled by democratic principles and is the least country in the world to have the right to speak about violation of human rights, as thousands of journalists, human rights advocates, academy and opponents of the government are either in jail or in exile.

As to the Azerbaijani foreign minister’s statement, it was noted that if Azerbaijan was sincere and fair in its goals, instead of presenting their narrative of the so-called “Khojali events” they should have addressed the Armenian pogroms in Sumgait which marked the beginning of massacres and ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population in Baku, Gandzak and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Instead of anti-Armenian propaganda, Azerbaijan should make efforts to protect universal human rights, including the rights of nations for self-determination which Azerbaijan fights forcefully since its inception.

Summing up her speech, Armenia’s representative noted that either Turkey, or Azerbaijan before taking this podium and delivering speeches on human rights it would have been much better for the human rights protection if they worked even with minimal efforts to improve their own record.

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