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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Tuesday sided with Berlin in criticising French President Emmanuel Macron's European reform ideas, dismissing some of his proposals as "utopian" and others as "dangerous", Yahoo News reported quoting AFP.

"There are some (proposals) that we reject," Kurz told German radio Deutschlandfunk, adding that he was "pleased" with the CDU's stance because "it overlaps in large parts" with Austria's point of view.

"I believe that many of the suggestions are utopian, when I think of the proposal for a social union, or a European minimum wage," said the conservative chancellor.

Kurz said Macron's plan for an EU-wide minimum wage sounded good on paper, "but in reality it's completely impossible" given the difference in living costs and living standards across the bloc.

"Do you think that German carmakers would open production sites in Hungary or Poland if the salaries were exactly the same as in Germany?" he asked.

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