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YEREVAN. – We will not lay a hand solely to Shokoladnitsa Café.

Viktor Mnatsakanyan, Head of Kentron Administrative District of Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, on Thursday told the aforementioned to reporters during the dismantling of the cafés at Liberty Square.

“By virtue of court [order], we will not lay a hand solely to that café,” he said. “The decision has been taken on the rest; we will continue the dismantling.

“We can’t put up with this for another five years. Those who are protesting here today are 15 to 20 people, whereas hundreds of people demand vacating the area.”

The police have surrounded the café owners, and these cafés are being dismantled with a tractor.

Situation is very tense in downtown Yerevan since early morning. The demonstrators had blocked Mashtots Avenue, but the red beret military police reopened it, detained 16 people, and used force against others.

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