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Consumer protection is an absolute priority for the Government of the Republic of Armenia, said Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, at a conference Friday devoted to the World Consumer Rights Day.

He stressed that it should no longer be permitted in Armenia that trade be carried out on the streets. In the PM’s conviction, it is impermissible to link street trade to social security.

“It means that we tolerate that our country be a country of low standards,” Pashinyan noted, in particular.

The premier added that in order to achieve the Armenian government’s forthcoming objective of increasing exports, it is also important that domestic production standards meet international ones.

“We envision the economy of Armenia as export-oriented,” he said, above all.

In conclusion, the PM stated that the work aimed at consumer rights’ protection has multiple importances.

“With it we raise the standards of our country economically, politically, and in terms of tourism,” Nikol Pashinyan stressed. “And, in general, in all possible terms.”

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