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YEREVAN. – The family of Maria Arakelyan, 3, who had died at a hospital in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, will not blame anyone before the end of the investigation into this death, and they expect those guilty to be found and brought to justice.

Ani Minasyan, the mother of the deceased girl, on Sunday told about the above-said to Armenian

She said they have received the death certificate, which states that the child had died from asphyxia caused by food getting stuck in her upper respiratory tract—at the kindergarten. 

The woman added that the conclusion of the forensic examination will be ready in one month.

As reported earlier, on March 4, police received a report that a Yerevan resident—who was born in 2015—was taken from a kindergarten to the intensive care unit of a hospital, as this child’s heart had stopped beating.

On the same day, this three-year-old had laid down to sleep after lunch at the said kindergarten. But a few minutes later, the youngster had started to wheeze. And when the instructor had approached the kid, she had noticed vomit, whereas the child did not respond to her call.

The child was then taken to a hospital, but her life could not be saved.

A forensic examination was ordered.

The prosecutor’s office filed a criminal case into this incident, and the Investigative Committee launched proceedings on the same day.

The investigation into the death is still in progress.

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