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The State Commission on the Protection of Economic Competition (SCPEC) of the Republic of Armenia has started conducting a study to identify the potential issues on competition in the aircraft fuel circulation sector.

As reported the SCPEC to, special importance is attached to the field study since aircraft fuel prices have an essential impact on the airline ticket pricing.

The studies of the SCPEC show that the lack of competition in the aircraft fuel circulation sector in Armenia is due to problems with transfer of aircraft fuel in Georgia. In particular, aircraft fuel is transferred through the territory of Georgia via a Georgian railway company that, with a discretionary approach, collaborates with a strictly limited number of companies. As a result, all companies wishing to import aircraft fuel don’t have the opportunity to supply aircraft fuel for the Armenian market.

Taking this into consideration, the Commission has addressed Georgia’s competition authority to jointly examine the current issues in the aircraft transmission sector and take active steps to solve those issues.

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