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On 20 March, Deputy Premier Mher Grigoryan chaired the regular session of the inter-agency commission coordinating the actions ensuring enforcement of the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement and the Armenia-EU “Partnership Priorities” document, reported the Deputy Premier’s Office, according to

The participants of the session discussed the comments of the EU on the draft roadmap for the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement developed by the Armenian party and the future changes to the roadmap arising from those comments.

The items on the agenda included the comments and suggestions of the EU on cooperation in the sectors of political dialogue, justice, migration, energy, transport, environment and climate, as well as consumer protection (the sectors are incorporated in the draft roadmap for the Agreement).

The secretary of the inter-governmental commission presented the EU’s considerations according to sectors, after which the representatives of the government agencies delivered brief speeches that were followed by discussions held with the participation of not only the members of the commission, but also several members of the Standing Committee on European Integration of the National Assembly who were attending the session.

Summing up the session, Deputy Premier Mher Grigoryan stated that, taking into consideration the European party’s recommendations and the results of the discussion held during the inter-agency session, the roadmap for enforcement of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement would be revised in a short amount of time and the final version would be provided to the European party.

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