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YEREVAN. – At Monday’s special Cabinet meeting of the Government of Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke about the challenges facing the education  system in the country.

“There are many issues in the education system, [and] which require urgent solution,” Pashinyan stressed. “But that doesn’t mean going ahead with hasty, rash decisions.”

“This is strategic work (…). We have to build it within the framework of the vision for the strategy of the state.

“Many things need be done from scratch. [But] we will not stop after that work. We need to clearly know where we want to go, what objective we want to achieve.”

The PM highlighted that fight against corruption shall be carried out in the education system, too.

“Now, an assessment also should be made,” Pashinyan noted, in particular. “What has happened in the education system? To what extent was the school and university education system involved in political processes?”

The Armenian PM stated that these matters were profound, and they will determine the future of Armenia.

“We need to discuss the very severe matters with the public—in an open, sincere climate,” Nikol Pashinyan added, above all.

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