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UK Prime Minister Theresa May has promised Brexit supporters she would resign if the House of Commons approves the agreement with Brussels, Kommersant reported citing ITV.

May made such a promise during a meeting with members of her cabinet and  representatives of the Euro-skeptics camp in the Tory parliamentary faction.

As it was noted,  the meeting was attended by former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, the former head of the ruling party, Iain Duncan Smith, and former Brexit secretary David Davis and other politicians.

Initially, “Brexit” was scheduled for March 29, 2019, but it was decided to postpone it in order to prevent the UK from “tough” exit from the EU. The leaders of the 27 EU member states decided that if the British Parliament approves the agreement on the conditions of the “Brexit”, then the date of the country's withdrawal from the EU will be delayed until May 22. 
In case of disapproval of the deal, the UK exit from the EU will be postponed until April 12.

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