June 17
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Trump's decision to recognize the occupied Golan Heights, captured from Syria, as part of the Israeli territory, makes the United States became the main enemies of the Arab countries, and the UN lost its credibility and status, the statement of the Syrian Foreign Ministry reads, SANA reported.

The move comes as an embodiment of the organic coalition between the US and Israel in the severe hostility to the Arab nation which makes the US as the main enemy of the Arabs through the unlimited support and protection offered by the US successive administrations to the Israeli usurper entity.

Syrian Foreign Ministry stressed that Trump violated a number of UN resolutions, including No.497 for 1981, which recognized the Israeli occupation as illegal. The ministry added that Syrians have the right to return the Golan in any available ways, it is an Arab Syrian territory.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Israel should know that the day of the liberation of the Golan from occupation is “closer than it seems to the invaders.”

On March 25, President Donald Trump officially recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel, which was announced at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Golan Heights is a disputable territory in the Middle East the biggest part of which is controlled by Israel, while the eastern part by Syria. Just as Israel, Syria considers the Golan Heights a part of its territory. From 1944 to 1967 the Golan Heights were a part of the Syrian province of Quneitra. Two thirds of the territory was seized by Israel during the Six-Day war in June 1976.

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