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Armenian women of the Diaspora have a lot to learn from women in Armenia, and this became clear after the Velvet Revolution in Armenia. This is what Executive Director of the Armenian International Women’s Association Rachel Ohanian Nadjarian declared during an event hosted by the Association in New York, reports Voice of America.

The special guests of the event were Deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia Lilit Makunts and Mary Galstyan. According to them, the new Armenia of today is first and foremost the result of the efforts of several ladies and women who participated in the Velvet Revolution.

“We’re on the path to a brighter future,” Lilit Makunts stated.

Mary Galstyan is certain that women have to play a qualitatively different role in New Armenia. “We can’t overlook the tremendous potential, but we need to take specific actions to use that potential and ensure equality of men and women,” she said.

According to the participants of the event, state funds are distributed more fairly in countries where women are leaders.

Rachel Ohanian Nadjarian stated that women of Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora need to combine efforts to achieve great results.

According to Lilit Makunts, there are new perspectives for cooperation with the Diaspora in the new and democratic Armenia, including in the field of protection of women’s rights.

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