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Syrians protest against the US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, AP reported

Thousands of people came to the central squares of Damascus, Homs, Deir-ez-Zor, Qamishli, Quneitra and other cities.

The US President Donald Trump signed on Monday a declaration recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Iran, as well as key European states, including Germany and France, have previously spoken out against such unilateral actions.  The Golan Heights before 1967 were part of Syria. Two thirds of the heights were occupied by Israel during the Six Day War in early June 1967. In December 1981, the Israeli Parliament passed a law extending Israeli jurisdiction to the Golan Heights.

The UN Security Council did not recognize this decision and has repeatedly called the annexation illegal and called on Israel to return the Golan to the Syrians.

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