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Turks are barbarians who have been making their way through history by blood and sword. Now they are striving to join the EU, singer of Armenian origin Avraam Russo said in Yerevan.

He stressed as soon as U.S. loses interest in Turkey and withdraws military bases from the country, Turkey will occur in a difficult situation.

The singer noted he had spared no effort to launch Genocide recognition campaign. He also spoke about it  in an interview with the Russian NTV channel, but this part was cut off, the singer added.

Russo expressed willingness to give a concert in Nagorno-Karabakh despite the fact he will probably become persona non grata in Azerbaijan. “Even if Azerbaijan bans me from entering the country or U.S. rejects to accept me, I would give a concert in Nagorno-Karabakh in case I receive a proposal. I would do it with pleasure as I am Armenian,” he said.


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