July 19
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Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) says ‘no’ to the euro, believing that Warsaw should accept the single European currency only when its economy reaches the level of Germany, stated  PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Reuters reported.

Speaking at a PiS convention in Lublin, ahead of the European Union election in May, Kaczynski noted: " We say ‘no’ to the euro, ‘no’ to European prices."

"We will adopt the euro someday, because we are committed to do so and we are and will be in the European Union, but we will accept it when it is in our interest,” he noted, adding that "it will be in our interest when we reach a level very close to Germany (in) GDP level, standard of living.”

Under the EU accession commitments, Poland is obliged to join the euro zone at some point.

Earlier, PiS stated that Poland should not rush to join the eurozone, but now it repeats the argument in order to attract more supporters ahead of the vote.

Opinion polls show that while most Poles support Poland’s membership of the EU, they are not so unanimous over the euro.

PiS has the support of 38.7 percent of voters, while the European Coalition has 36.2 percent.

The European coalition consists of leading opposition parties, including the largest political opponent of PiS - the Civic Platform.

The Coalition has not publicly declared its policy on joining the euro, though it is widely seen as taking a more positive stance than PiS.

After a series of scandals, the popularity of PiS declined: local media accused the party of running a dirty real estate business. PiS denies any wrongdoing.

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