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In May 2018, then candidate for Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared in parliament that the National Security Service and the Police would become ministries. Why isn’t he fulfilling his promise? This is the question that head of the Bright Armenia Party’s faction Edmon Marukyan raised during a discussion on the draft changes in the structure of the government during a session held by the Standing Committee on State-Legal Affairs of the National Assembly

“We’ve been waiting for this bill for a year to see the government’s vision, and now we want to know why the Prime Minister isn’t fulfilling his promise as a member of the ruling party’s board. Has he changed his mind? If yes, what are the preconditions for that? Does this mean that we can question other promises? A promise is a promise,” he said.

In response, the main reporter and board member of the Civil Contract Party Vahagn Hovakimyan said the following: “The government is certain that this is the structure that is needed for implementation of the government’s program.”

“I’m not disputing the government’s monopoly to present the structure of the government. The head of government made a promise. Why isn’t he fulfilling it?” Marukyan asked.

Hovakimyan recommended that Marukyan ask Nikol Pashinyan. “I’m certain the Prime Minister will give you a clear answer. You have the opportunity to ask him.”

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