July 15
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Azerbaijani Human rights activist Oktay Gyulaliyev published a report on torture of the soldier Ismail Huseynov during the investigation and his suicide attempt in prison, contact reported.

"On May 18, 2017, at three o'clock in the morning, he was taken away from his home in Ganja to Terter. He was accused of treason and subjected to terrible torture," writes the human rights activist, referring to Huseynov's mother:

"... He was hung upside down and an electric current was passed through his head. He was beaten until he lost consciousness and committed other degrading actions, demanding to confess to working for the Armenians.

Another soldier died next to him and he was told that they would also kill him if he did not confess.

Under these tortures, he was forced to sign a confession and put on trial.

In a closed trial, he was convicted of treason and sentenced to 15 years in prison."

Huseynov's brother, who visited him in prison, reported that Ismail had not sustained moral and physical injury and, in protest against the unfairness of the court, he cut his veins in Prison No. 12 on April 14.

"His condition is grave. The staff of the State Security Service arrived at the scene of the incident," Gyulaliyev wrote.

The prisoner's mother Mehseti Huseynova confirmed the words of the human rights activist Gulaliyev to Turan. She saw her son a year after his arrest in the Kurdakhani detention center.

And he told his mother about torture. The woman said her son had already tried to hang himself, but then he was rescued in time, and now he has cut four of his veins.

According to her, her sons internal organs suffered from torture and his kidneys were operated on.

"A kidney operation was done, but his brain and nerves cannot be calmed down," said the woman.

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