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Renovation is one of the hypotheses for the reason why a fire broke out in the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris. This is what member of the French-Armenian community Hilda Choboian told Armenian

“The Notre-Dame Cathedral is under renovation, but as long as there is no investigation, the specific reason remains unclear. In essence, the first hypothesis is that the fire broke out by accident,” she stated.

When asked if the local Armenian community is preparing to assist in the renovation of the cathedral, Choboian said the following: “It’s too early to talk about this, but the members of the Armenian community will definitely join the group of supporters. This is a matter of conscience of each person.”

When told that a Requiem Mass for the victims of the Armenian Genocide was supposed to be held in the Notre-Dame Cathedral this year and asked where the Requiem Mass would be held, Choboian said the Armenian Catholic Church has to decide where the Requiem Mass will be held. One of the representatives of the Armenian Catholic Church of France informed that the location of the Requiem Mass remains unclear, but stressed that a meeting will be convened to discuss the matter today.

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