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Deputy of the Prosperous Armenia faction Vardan Ghukasyan recommends adding the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Armenian tricolor flag. This is what he declared during the hour of statements at the National Assembly.

He stated that Armenians bore the Cross of the Lord during the victories in Sardarapat and Shushi and that this is an issue that concerns 70-80% of the Armenian nation.

Vardan Ghukasyan told about how Emperor Constandianos was defeated during a battle against the Byzantines. “During the battle, a visionary appeared from above and told him that if he wanted to win, the Cross of the Lord had to be on the flag, and after that, the Armenian nation scored victories. I would like to see the Cross of the Lord on the Armenian national flag so that it protects children and the entire nation,” he said, showed the sign of the cross and stepped down from the podium.

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