October 20
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Our road construction projects are divided into several parts, including medium renovation, capital renovation and additional capital renovation, as well as projects supported by donors. This is what Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Armenia Hakob Arshakyan said during an April 17 press conference.

“The Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies doesn’t deal with community roads under renovation, but it does deal with state and interstate roads. I have to ask citizens to address the regional governor’s offices or community councils with issues regarding roads within communities,” he stated.

Arshakyan attached importance to the role of technologies in the activities of the ministry and stressed that the to-be-established Ministry of High Technologies will also be accountable for digitization.

Talking about capital renovation, the minister said a 78 km road will be capitally renovated with funds from this year’s budget. According to him, medium renovation works will be carried out on the Yerevan-Aparan road and in the areas of Jermuk and Sevan.

“Armenia will have a two-way high-quality road stretching from Yerevan to the border with Georgia. The section stretching to Meghri will also be renovated. Compared to the past five years, this year, there will be an unprecedented number of road construction projects,” he said, adding that the main emphasis will be on turning Armenia into a transit zone towards Georgia and Iran.

Talking about construction of the M6 road (Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgia), the minister stated that construction of the sector stretching from Vanadzor to Tumanyan station is over and Armenia will have a high-quality road stretching from Armenia to Georgia next year.

As for the North-South Road Corridor, construction of the Talin-Lanjik and Lanjik-Gyumri sectors was supposed to end this year, but it won’t end this year due to delay in the past. The minister stated that construction is underway in Tranche-3 and that the Talin-Lanjik-Lanjik-Gyumri sector will be built throughout the year. “The ministry has a big construction project in the Sisyan-Kajaran sector. We will reduce the duration of traffic by two hours by building a large, 8.7 km long tunnel and three bridges. Armenia is holding talks with the European Union over this, but they are still in progress. This is a major project for the government and will be implemented. We have a clear notion of the price as well. Nearly $350 million will be required for project implementation.”

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