June 27
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There was no rationale for the government’s optimization. It was just based on intuition. This is what deputy of the Prosperous Armenia Party’s faction Naira Zohrabyan stated in her speech during a discussion on changes in the structure of the government at the National Assembly on 17 April.

“This means that the government is being optimized based on the intuition of government officials. I don’t want to question the government’s and certain officials’ intuition, but when we’re dealing with human destinies and citizens who will be unemployed and others will become unemployed because of optimization, in this case, I wouldn’t even rely on Vanga’s intuition,” she said.

Naira Zohrabyan stated that there were no figures showing how much the government will save through optimization. She also noted that the deputies are told that the unemployed will remain in the reserve, but everyone is certain that they will remain in the reserve forever.

The deputy also touched upon the dissolution of the Ministry of Culture and stated that culture is the unique and competitive brand of Armenia in the international arena.

“Since the government officials didn’t respond to the questions that were important for Prosperous Armenia Party, didn’t state reasons and effectiveness indicators and didn’t say how much money will be saved and what will happen to the unemployed, the Prosperous Armenia Party will vote against the proposed bill with a clear conviction, not by intuition,” Zohrabyan declared.

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