October 15
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YEREVAN.- Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan believes that he fulfilled the “lion’s share” of his promises to them”, Nikol Pashinyan declared live on Facebook today.

In particular, he noted that he had promised that there would be no personnel pogroms. “This promise is 100% fulfilled. Today, 97% of the same people work in the public administration system. We are criticized for this, but we believe that this is the right way, ”he said.

As for the promise to increase the state budget within 2 years by 30-40%, then Pashinyan noted that in 2019 the revenue part of the budget increased by 10% compared to 2018. “I told you that this year we will exceed the budget revenues. Our calculations show that it can be done by 4-5%, ”said Pashinyan, noting that he fulfilled his promise by 90%.

According to him, the promise to change economic relations and eliminate monopolies was also fulfilled.

“Today, no one can say that he is a monopolist. Of course, there were people who had monopolies, and today their positions in the market are better, but I showed that there is a positive trend in the market for gasoline, sugar and banana. ”

Pashinyan also considers the following promises are 100% fulfilled:

The absence of sharp reversals in foreign policy.

Armenia will remain CSTO member.

There will not be political persecution and political prisoners.

Those responsible for the events of March 1, 2008 will be brought to justice.

The new government will not have oligarchs.

Free transparent elections.

“A year ago, nobody believed that such a thing was possible,” he noted.

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