October 19
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YEREVAN. – Armenian authorities, both former and present, underestimate the importance of elimination of the consequences of the Armenian Genocide and its reparation. Giro Manoyan, head of the Political Affairs Bureau and the Armenian Cause Office of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Dashnaktsutyun Party of Armenia, stated this at a press conference on Tuesday.

In his words, even though the Armenian government’s program has no provision for the elimination of the consequences of the Armenian Genocide, 100 years later one cannot speak solely about genocide recognition and prevention, there is a range of demands, and a need to move forward.

As per Manoyan, before starting the respective legal steps, however, there is a need to be thoroughly prepared, both in legal and political terms, especially since a part of the Turkish society no longer believes in its authorities and is no longer afraid to speak.

“There is a need to continue working with the Turkish society,” the ARF official added, in particular.

Also, he recalled that the lower chamber of the US has recognized Armenian Genocide several times, and there are respective resolutions on the agenda.

“The overwhelming majority of US states have recognized the genocide one way or another,” Manoyan said. “The legislative body must follow their example.”

“What to expect from Turkey?” the ARF representative asked, separately. “Turkey rejects the initiatives to improve relations with Armenia, and there are no expectations that the situation will change in the near future.” At the same time he pointed to the importance of studying the archives.

Giro Manoyan mentioned the countries whose authorities commemorate the Armenian Genocide victims.

As for respective work with the countries of the Orient, he noted that Armenian communities are either small or nonexistent in these countries, plus the different mindset of the people of the Orient can be added to this.

“But that doesn’t mean that no work is being done,” Manoyan added. “For example, China hasn’t [formally] recognized [Armenian Genocide], but it doesn’t deny [it] either.”

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