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The Armenian woman felt bad during the Moscow-Yerevan flight of Nordwind Airlines, REN TV reported.

According to the source, the airliner urgently landed at the airport in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don. However, the Armenian citizen died.

There were 176 passengers and six crew members aboard.

The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic on its pre-Easter session on April 18 ratified the EU - Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, Czech Embassy in Yerevan said on Facebook

“The full implementation of the agreement is one step closer,” the embassy said.

Now the agreement has to be ratified by the Senate.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin will visit Armenia by the end of this year, Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament from My Step alliance Alen Simonyan said.

Simonyan said preparation for Putin’s visit will take much time, and given the changes in Armenia and parliamentary elections, it was a technical issue.

“The leaders of two countries enjoy warm relations, there is personal communication, and this year we expect not only the visit of Russian president, but [visits of] the representatives of other countries,” he said.

Ex-President Serzh Sargsyan pledged to answer all questions “when the time comes”.

His remark came during a meeting with the new members of the Republican Party of Armenia at the headquarters of the party.

“I have told the representatives of several media outlets that I will answer all questions when the time comes. There might be few questions, but there won’t be few answers,” he said.

Sargsyan has made no comments or statements since April 23 last year when he announced his resignation.